Curry originated from the word Kari, which is a spice blend that was brought to the rest of the world by British traders from the British East India Trading Co. in the mid-17th century. The spices were pre-mixed and ground before being traded to the British for export, however you will not find what we know as curry powder in India. Coriander, turmeric, cumin, fenugreek and powdered chilli peppers are the basis for Indian curry powder. These elements are toasted and hand blended by a chef in India, where a wide range of additional spices may be added depending on where in India the curry is being made, and what other ingredients are going in the dish. The British East India Trading Co. is also credited with introducing the chillies that originated in Mexico and South America to the Asiatic countries. It was then added to curry, and 

became a phenomenon that spread across the continent.

Keep Calm And Curry On

There is evidence of curries as far back as 4000 years found in the Indus Valley of India. Traces of cooked ginger, and turmeric were found in a cooking pot and on rice grains in that area. The pairing of these specific spices with rice makes curry the longest continuously prepared dish in the history of ever.

As opposed to Thai Curry, Indian Curry has a flavor and spice that lingers on the palette, as opposed to the one two punch found in green curry paste. Curry dishes are thickened mostly with dal, a purée of chickpeas or other lentils, and because it’s a powder, custom mixed by the chef, it can use oil, ghee, or yogurt to provide added moisture. Indian Curry doesn’t have colors to denote the type of curry being prepared, but the base spices are mixed with other spices and ingredients for specific types of dishes. The most popular being:


Yellow in color, filled with almond and coconut powder, is mild in flavor.


Is your standard hot curry, found in most restaurants, can range in heat depending on the chef and your preference, has a bit of a sour note to it.


Predominantly found in the UK, it is a mild sauce made with cream and coconut milk. This rich saucy stew is served with almonds and cashews, lamb, chicken or prawns.