Indian Restaurant Owners

The perfect setting for a cold beer and hot curry! 

After running a restaurant in central London, in Pimlico, for 20 years, owners Kishan & Joanne Shah bring their expertise for authentic curries with a British pub style to Beaufort, SC

Everything is made from scratch, the dishes are gluten-free, with no thickeners, and use sea salt for the proper alkalinity. Here at Vindaloo Junction, we use lots of turmeric in most of our dishes, along with generous amounts of coriander, garam masala and cumin and grind our own spices, which makes them taste much fresher.

Try a traditional curry or something with a twist like “garlic chili with shrimp” using local seafood with an indian flair.  

Find us in Habersham Market - Beaufort, SC (843)644-4434

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